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YMCA Acorns to Oaks

Riverside Estates

Riverside Estates

Published: May 31, 2017

Region: North West

Riverside Estates is a Warrington based letting agent dedicated to making a positive impact on their local community. They provide people on low incomes with a means to move on with their lives, preventing homelessness.

Riverside Estates has received a £140,000 loan from Unity Trust Bank. They have partnered with the YMCA on a brand new re-housing project. As part of the development, a community shop selling upcycled items has opened in Latchford. Profits from the shop will raise funds for YMCA Warrington.

The Latchford shop, on Poachers Lane, is named YMCA Acorns to Oaks. It was open to the public in March 2017. As well as bringing in money for the charity, it raises awareness of the work carried out by volunteers at the town centre site, on Winmarleigh Street.

Following support from Jake and Kimberly Foden, from Riverside Estates, the YMCA has also begun a partnership to support people being rehomed in five studio flats in Latchford.

Ian Heesom is a relationship manager at Unity Trust Bank. He said “We are delighted to work with Riverside Estates and the YMCA to fund this rehousing project.

“This is a great example of how Unity helps organisations to contribute a really positive impact on their community.”

Photo: Warrington Guardian. From left Diane Griffiths, Cheryl Holbrook, Susan Blyth, Ian Heesom, Kimberley Foden and Jake Foden outside the shop.