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rural pharmacy owners

Steeton & Goxhill

Steeton & Goxhill

Published: October 14, 2021

Region: Yorkshire and the Humber

The owner of a pharmacy which provided Covid jabs to remote villagers in Yorkshire to save them travelling to large vaccination sites has acquired two new businesses following a six-figure loan from Unity Trust Bank.

The £448,000 funding package has enabled pharmacist Sachin Tammewar to add Steeton and Goxhill Pharmacies to his portfolio alongside Central Dales Pharmacy in Hawes which administered vaccinations during the Pandemic.

pharmacist Sachin Tammewar

Mr Tammewar manages all three pharmacies with his business partner Gowardhan Kotra, while Anshul Saini is also a partner at Steeton and Central Dales.

They will also be offering booster jabs for the hamlet of Goxhill later this month.

“The nearest vaccination centre to Hawes is 15 miles away, which can take 40 minutes to get to around here, so it made a real difference to people who would have struggled to travel,” said Mr Tammewar.

“My new pharmacies are in small villages and around 70 per cent of residents are over 60. I’m delighted Goxhill has had approval to administer booster jabs.

“Pharmacies offer a lot more than they did in the past. We can help with a range of ailments and with GP surgeries under pressure, we provide a vital service.”

Steeton and Goxhill Pharmacies were put up for sale when the previous owners retired. Thirty people are employed across all three sites which also serve a number of care homes in the areas.

Words from Unity

Andy Ball is a relationship manager at Unity. He said: “Unity only lends to businesses that make a positive contribution to social, economic and environmental needs.

“We work with a range of healthcare providers that deliver accessible frontline services in local communities and this is especially important in the remote areas where Mr Tammewar operates. We’re delighted to support his new acquisitions.”

Mr Tammewar added: “I chose Unity because they came with a good reputation. They also have a lot of experience in the pharmacy industry. They showed a lot of interest in us and Andy Ball was really helpful. It’s great to have a relationship manager who responds immediately and is there for you.”

For more information about how Unity Trust Bank can support your business, call 0345 140 1000 or visit