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Protect Your Organisation from Fraud

If you think there has been fraudulent activity on your Unity account, or if you are ever in doubt, call our Customer Service team right away on our dedicated fraud number, freephone 0808 196 8420.


How to reduce the risk of fraud

At Unity Trust Bank we’re committed to helping you keep your organisation’s money and financial information safe. Here we share our top tips and advice so that together, we can make it difficult for fraudsters to attack your organisation and make it easy to detect fraud quickly.

Fraud awareness

Criminals are constantly developing more sophisticated ways for defrauding businesses. Fraudulent activity and online crime is on the rise so the best way to protect your organisation is to be aware of the latest tactics. Select the tabs below to read about the latest fraud techniques and what to do if you think you or your organisation has fallen victim to them.

Get more information about how to keep safe from potential scams and fraud on the Take Five to Stop Fraud website.

Four things you can do to prevent fraud

Avoid paying large amounts by cheque

For paying large amounts, it’s safer to choose our one-off standing payments or CHAPS services (charges apply), or register for Internet Banking at and use our free Faster Payments system.

Set up dual authorisation

To avoid conflict of interest or opportunities for abuse, allocate at least two people to approve online payments and set up dual authority for signing your cheques. You can set this up by calling 0345 140 1000.

Update fraud policies

Robust detection and deterrent fraud policies reduce the level of risk, the size of loss and promote an anti-fraud culture. Start by updating procedures so that everyone knows how to act if internal or external fraud is found, and regularly train staff on fraud prevention measures.

Keep your devices secure

We’ve teamed up with Trusteer to keep you safe on our Internet Banking platform. When you next log in, follow the prompt to download Trusteer Rapport for free to reduce the risk of malware tampering with your transactions.

Safe links to more fraud prevention advice