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Empower Housing Association Limited

Published: July 31, 2017

Region: North West

Empower Housing Association is an independent, not for profit organisation, specialising in providing homes for people with disabilities. They understand the complexity of independent living with support. The team fully involve their customers in the decision making process to enable choice.

Using a £198,000 loan from Unity Trust Bank, Empower Housing Association was able to purchase a residential property in Burnley to be occupied by people with disabilities. Development on the site is due to finish in August 2017.

Michelle Lee, Housing Manager at Empower Housing Association, said: “In total, 4 young people with varying needs and disabilities have been placed in specialised housing. They have the opportunity to move away from home or long stay hospital and lead independent lives with support from carers they have chosen themselves.

“Unity Trust Bank has people who understand our unique business. They listen to what we need and take action where they can. Without doubt, the Relationship Manager is a key part to this. It’s important for us to be able to talk to someone when we need too.”