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Who We Are

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision; Unity will be the bank of choice for organisations and businesses that aim to create community, social and environmental benefits.

We are committed to enabling social development and supporting community involvement. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals in the development of communities and environments and the people that they support. We do this by making banking simple for them and by providing financial services to meet their needs.

The purpose of the Company is:

The purpose of the Company is:

(a) To be the bank with a social conscience

(b) to provide banking services to viable organisations, sole traders or individuals that contribute community, economic, social or environmental benefit to society, including, but not limited to, Trade Unions, co-operatives, charitable and commercial enterprises; and

(c) to achieve sustainable returns for itself and its members as well as a social benefit.

This is described as a “double bottom line” approach to all business the Company does.

Having been founded by Trade Unions the Company will continue to support Trade Unions and the Trade Union movement in the United Kingdom and elsewhere as part of this.

In conducting the business of the Company, the Directors will:

(a) be prudent stewards of the Company’s resources;

(b) act in the long term interests of its members, staff and customers; and

(c) promote the values of the Company so that all staff:

(i) act with respect, integrity and a good conscience;

(ii) treat customers fairly, with openness, honesty and transparency in all dealings;

(iii) supporting community, economic, social and environmental development; and

(iv) value teamwork.

Our mission; achieve growth by being socially focused, customer centred and commercially driven.

Since we were established over 30 years ago, we have sought to put social change, social benefit and community involvement at the heart of what we do.

In that time, we have created a sustainable, socially responsible business. We use our customer deposits to reinvest in other organisations and help create social change.

Our values

  • We behave with respect and integrity and value teamwork
  • We treat customers fairly and are open, honest and transparent in our dealings with them
  • We are customer centred
  • We focus on solutions and deliver  on our promises
  • We are committed to enabling social development and supporting community involvement
  • We will deliver our shareholder goals

Having a clear social goal supported by strong beliefs around social inclusion and acceptance, it is important to us that our customers share similar visions, which include:

  • Be inclusive of all regardless of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation
  • Respect and value human rights
  • Be accepting and respectful of other peoples views and opinions and not use these to disadvantage or intimidate them
  • Support the formal organisation of labour within the workplace
  • Not directly support the manufacture of arms/explosives through their business activity

Our people

We aim to become one of the best companies to work for by creating an open and supportive culture and developing a talented and diverse workforce which works together to make Unity a success.

We aspire to make Unity a place where people:

  • Can really make a difference
  • Feel confident and capable
  • Feel engaged, supported and committed
  • Are encourage to be flexible and innovative
  • Feel valued and rewarded
  • Work together and share knowledge
  • Continually learn and develop
  • Put our customers at the heart of everything we do