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Switch to us

When you choose to switch to us for your banking needs, you’ll be helping to create a better society, while enjoying the service and expertise you expect from a commercial bank.

Why switch to Unity?

You’ll benefit from a personal service from our UK-based Customer Service centre, and our internet banking puts you in control. If you’re applying for a loan, you’ll have access to our team of Relationship Managers, who understand your business goals and are on hand to help you succeed.

We use our customers’ deposits to fund lending which has a positive impact on society through community, economic or environmental change.

How to switch to us

Unity Trust Bank is a member of the Current Account Switch Service. This is a free service that lets you switch your current account from one participating bank or building society to another in seven working days. It’s designed to make transferring your account to us a simple, stress-free experience.

Switching made easy with the Current Account Switch Service

  • We’ll set up all of your Direct Debits and regular payments for you, saving you time and hassle.
  • We’ll keep you updated throughout the switch if you want us to – all we need is your contact telephone number or email address.
  • We’ll arrange to transfer any remaining balance from your old account to your new account.
  • We can arrange a payment to your old bank (up to a maximum limit agreed by you) to cover any existing overdraft or charges, as long as you have enough money in your new account.
  • If you’re overdrawn when you switch, we may be able to help you pay this off (subject to lending criteria).
  • Your old account will close and we will arrange for payments accidently made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account.
  • You’ll be covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee the whole way through.

Is my business or organisation eligible for the Current Account Switch Service?

The Current Account Switch Service is eligible for:

  • a SME (any business type other than a charity of trust) with a turnover of less than or equal to £6.5 million with fewer than 50 employees.
  • a charity with an annual income of less than £6.5 million.
  • a trust with a net asset value of less than £6.5 million.

Your current bank must be signed up to the Current Account Switch Service

Does your business or organisation not meet this criteria? Please contact us on [email protected] or 0345 140 1000 to see how we can help you.

How to switch

Step 1. Contact us at [email protected] or 0345 140 1000 with your request to switch your current account to Unity. We will agree a switch date that is at least seven working days after your new account has been set up.

Step 2. Complete a Current Account Switch Agreement so we can set up your switch.

Step 3. Complete a Current Account Closure Instruction Form to authorise closure of your old account.

Step 4. Relax as we manage your switch (you will be contacted if there are any payments that cannot be transferred).

Step 5. Continue to use your old account until your switch date.

On your switch date

All of the following will happen on your switch date:

  • Your payments (such as Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Bill Payments) will have all been transferred to your new account.
  • Any credit balance from your old account will have been transferred to your new account.
  • Your new account will be ready to use.
  • Your old account will be closed.
  • We will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account.

To find out how your data will be used before, during and after the switch read the Current Account Switch Data Privacy Notice.

Keep track of your switch with Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking is a great way to keep track of your finances and your switch.

You can view a list of your payments so you can see what’s moved across to your Unity account (some payments will only show once the first payment has been taken from your account).

To sign up for Internet Banking, go here.

Another way to transfer your account

If you’d like to keep your old account open and manage your balance transfer, then a ‘partial switch’ could be right for you.

  • All agreed Direct Debits and regular payments will be set up for you.
  • Switching this way may take up to 20 working days to complete but we can keep you informed by phone or email throughout – all we need is your contact number or email address.
  • You’ll need to arrange for any payments going into your account to be transferred.
  • You’ll need to keep money in both your old and new account to cover any payments as this service does not offer automatic redirection.
  • You’ll need to contact any companies that haven’t updated their records so future payments are taken from your Unity current account.

The Current Account Switch Guarantee, the Current Account Switch Agreement and the Current Account Closure Instruction don’t apply to a partial switch.

What if my business doesn’t meet these criteria or I prefer not to use the Current Account Switch Service?

In some cases, your business may not be eligible to use the Current Account Switch Service, your current bank may not be a member of the service, or you may prefer not to use it. Or perhaps you have another type of account which you’d like to switch. You can still move your account to us, but your switch won’t be covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

If any of the above scenarios apply, please print, complete and sign the Account Transfer request form and return it to us. Once we’ve received this information, we’ll begin the switching process.

Download transfer request form

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch date. After that only certain elements can be cancelled. Your new bank or building society will guide you through this process if you decide to cancel your switch.

What happens to any debit card transactions or Direct Debits that I have asked my old bank to stop?

The Current Account Switch Service will not interfere with this process and any debit card or Direct Debit transactions that you have asked your bank to stop should remain stopped after you switch.

Will I have to pay any fees on my old account?

Charges (including debit interest) and fees may be applied to your old account, without giving you the usual notice. To find out more, please contact your old bank.

Still got a question? View the full Current Account Switch Service FAQs here.

The Current Account Switch Service makes switching from one bank or building society to another simple and stress-free.

To find out more, download the Current Account Switch Guarantee and Switching Guide.

How we make a difference

We are a bank established to serve the needs of our customers and enrich society as a whole.  We work with organisations that aim to have a positive impact on society through economic, community or social change.

Our people support charities and communities through our ‘Unity in the Community’ (UitC) programme.  The Unity team is actively involved in volunteering and fundraising events  organised throughout the year.  Good causes are nominated by our people to receive donations.

To find out more about how we make a difference – view our Social Impact 2019

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