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The Edge Cultural Centre

Friction Arts

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Friction Arts

Published: August 11, 2017

Region: West Midlands

Friction Arts is an artist led organisation based in Birmingham. It is committed to making extraordinary art in awkward spaces. They listen to people and translate their thoughts and ideas into contemporary artworks. Friction firmly believes in the transformative nature of the arts for people and communities. It is committed to expanding the reach of the arts into places they have not been before.

A £155,000 loan from Unity Trust Bank has enabled Friction’s base at The Edge. The former industrial unit on the border of Digbeth and Highgate in central Birmingham has now been secured. This hub will be used by hundreds of artists and visitors over the coming years. The loan also helped Friction to retain four full time employees, and secure £30,000 of additional grant funding for maintenance work at the site.

Sandra Hall, Director of Friction Arts, said: “When it comes to banking with Unity, the trust goes both ways. I absolutely feel trusted to tell them if I am having a bad time. If I need to, I know I can pick the phone up and speak to someone in Birmingham, and that is so important to us.

“I want to trust who I am working with, because then I know we can go further and we can take risks.”