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Ferrie Healthcare

Published: January 27, 2022

Region: Scotland

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A Scottish couple have acquired their first pharmacy thanks to a seven-figure funding package from Unity Trust Bank.

Daniel and Daniela Ferrie, directors of Ferrie HealthcareDaniel and Daniela Ferrie, directors of Ferrie Healthcare, have purchased John P Fenton & Sons in Greenhills Shopping Centre, East Kilbride after Felicity Fenton, a third-generation owner of the business, retired.

Daniel, a qualified pharmacist with 10 years’ experience, will manage the day-to-day running of the pharmacy while Daniela, an experienced bookkeeper, will take care of the administration side.

Words from Ferrie Healthcare

Daniel said: “Owning our own pharmacy is something we have always wanted to do.

“I’ve worked at John P Fenton & Sons for three years. I had a very good working relationship with Felicity and was delighted to be given the opportunity to carry the business forward.

“It’s been in her family for 60 years and has a proud history. It’s nice to be part of that.”

Why Unity?

Daniel chose to finance the venture with Unity because he was impressed by relationship manager Scott Hutchinson and the bank’s commitment to supporting the pharmacy sector.

He said: “Scott’s been brilliant. He is very experienced and with this being my first business he talked me through everything and gave good advice.

“Pharmacies have a unique structure and it was reassuring to speak to someone who understands the way they are run.

“Unity’s ethos also resonated with me; it’s a bank that wants to lend to businesses that make a positive difference in the community and that is to be celebrated.

“Providing an essential service and helping people is very important to me and it’s nice to know you have a lender that cares about you as a business, and cares about what you are providing as a business.”

Plans for the future

Daniel and Daniela employ 18 staff. They plan to create at least two new positions this year as they expand their services.

As well as mentoring a trainee pharmacist every year, Daniel wants to develop all his staff. He allows them time off to study for industry qualifications.

Daniel is also studying to become a qualified independent prescriber. This will enable him to assess patients himself and prescribe medication, if appropriate. That will eliminate the need to see a GP and ease their workload.

He said: “We plan to modernise and increase the range of services we offer. Traditionally, pharmacies were just a place to dispense prescriptions. But, we are now full as healthcare professionals. We offer invaluable support to the NHS.”

Word from Unity

Scott Hutchinson, Relationship Manager at Unity Trust Bank, said: “Unity is proud to support the pharmacy sector as it provides accessible, frontline healthcare services to local communities.

“It is always a pleasure to support first-time owners like Daniel and Daniela. They are committed to delivering high-quality service. The pair are also helping the local economy by creating new employment opportunities.”

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