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Housing Associations

Unity Trust Bank supports organisations that support local communities

Delivering social impact in communities across the UK is at the heart of Unity Trust Bank. In 2023, our lending helped over 1,200 households access housing, from affordable and accessible student accommodation through to supported accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness.

 We also continued to develop initiatives and products to support customers, one of which was The Housing Association Decarbonisation Initiative (HADI). HADI specifically supports housing association to improve the quality and energy efficiency of affordable homes across the UK.

Unity Trust Bank aligns its lending practices to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 11 focuses on investment in quality, sustainable and affordable housing, public transport, creating green public spaces, and improving urban planning and management in participatory and inclusive ways.

New Gorbals

“We chose finance with Unity because not only do they provide excellent rates, their social values and history resonate with our aims and objectives as an organisation.”

Mary Reilly Head of Finance, New Gorbals
New Gorbals

Canopy Housing

"It is always a squeeze getting innovative projects like this over the line, so having a supportive banking partner like Unity who believe in what we are trying to do is crucial."

David Nugent, Chief Executive at Canopy Housing
Canopy Housing

Action Housing & Support

“Unity is able to support us with our aspirations and ambitions.”

Atholl Stott, CEO, Action Housing
Action Housing & Support

It’s simple, secure and stress-free to switch to us

If you’re ready to switch your Business Current Account to Unity Trust Bank, we’ll make sure it happens like clockwork. It’s guaranteed to take 7 working days, it’s free, and it’s all taken care of by the Current Account Switch Service.

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