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Foreign Payment Services

Make and receive payments in foreign currencies

Making foreign transfers

You can make overseas payments in most major currencies. This is how funds will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank:

  • For payments in euro or sterling and in the EEA, the payment will be delivered to the beneficiary’s account by no later than the end of the business day, following the time of receipt by the company on the payment instruction.
  • For payments in any EEA currency other than euro or sterling, the payment will be delivered to the account by no later than the end of the fourth business day, following the time of receipt by the company on the payment instruction.
  • For payments outside of the EEA and in any non-EEA currency, the payment will be processed and delivered in accordance with the company’s standard processing times.

Make a transfer overseas

Step 1

Download, print and complete all sections of the Transfer of Funds Overseas form. Please sign in accordance with your bank mandate and ensure you include your beneficiary’s details to avoid delays to the process of sending your funds.

Step 2

Scan the signed document and send to us by:


or post:

Unity Trust Bank
PO Box 7193
Planetary Road

When processing your form, we may call you to confirm payment details.

Receiving payments

Unity Trust Bank customers can accept foreign payments either by cheque or transfer.

Receiving payment by cheque

When receiving payment by cheque, please familiarise yourself with the following timescales:

  • Negotiation of cheques: Funds can be used before the cheque has cleared. Usually paid into your account within 10 working days however funds will be recalled if the cheque is not cleared.
  • Collection of cheques: Cheques need to clear before crediting your account and once credited, funds will be available to customers. Usually takes up to 8 weeks to be paid into your account.

You can refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Receiving payment by transfer

To receive payment in a foreign currency or from abroad, by transfer directly into your account, you should inform the payer of the following:


A BIC/SWIFT code is like a sort code, used to identify banks and other financial institutions worldwide so money can be safely transferred. Unity uses NatWest to receive transfers from outside the UK and this code will help route payments correctly.

Please note, this is a NatWest BIC/SWIFT code only; Unity does not have its own code for payments.

  • IBAN: GB93NWBK60023571418024

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an account number that ensures payments reach Unity’s account via NatWest.

Unity Trust Bank customers do not have IBANs for individual accounts.

  • Your account details: name, number, sort code

These details ensure funds can be allocated from Unity’s account with NatWest to your Unity Trust Bank account.

Your account number and sort code MUST be provided as the reference or in the payment details on the transfer request. Your account name should always be quoted as the beneficiary.

Important information about Unity Trust Bank’s foreign payment services

  • Read our Service Tariff for detail around the charges for our Foreign Services.
  • All foreign payments and transactions are undertaken for us by third parties, including Convera to process transfers and clear foreign cheques, and NatWest to receive the payments. The type of foreign service will determine which third party we use.
  • The fee shown on your statement includes third party service charges, in addition to our charge for processing your request. This fee will be debited to your account as a separate item.
  • Please note that we can only advise foreign exchange rates after processing your original paperwork.
  • Your account with Unity will be debited with the sterling equivalent of your foreign transfer, together with any associated fees, on the day we process your request.
  • From time-to-time there may be additional charges made by foreign banks, relating to foreign payments, over which we have no control. These may be passed on to you when advised to us. We will notify you of the charges before we debit your account.

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