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Manage Your Accounts

Running Your Account

Banking with Unity is simple and straight forward and we listen to customer feedback in order to improve our services. To help you make the most of your account, below is further information and useful tips. You can also find a list of relevant forms to help you run your account efficiently.

No branches – no problem

Telephone Banking
We have designed our Telephone banking service so that you do not have to be a signatory to gain general account information including:

  • Obtaining a balance
  • Checking a payment
  • Stopping cheques.

Our telephone lines are open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm for customer services call 0345 140 1000.

Online banking
We provide a safe and easy to use Internet Banking service allowing you access and manage your account at a time and place that suits you. Our internet banking service has the ability to:

  • Set different access and authority levels for users
  • Define payment limits for the organisation and individual users
  • Set up and amend direct debits and standing orders
  • Make internal transfers
  • Make payments via faster payments, plus many more features

Register for Online Banking

  • Paying In Cash

    There are two ways you can pay cash into your account, these are:

    • Setting up a Post Office® paying in card. This will require you to assign a Post Office convenient to you
    • Setting up an encashment facility which will allow you to pay-in at a local high street bank. Charges may occur
  • Withdrawing Cash

    There are two ways you can withdraw cash from your account, these are:

    • Applying for an ALTO prepaid MasterCard® – this allows you to load funds from your account onto the card and withdraw cash from an ATM for a small fee
    • Setting up an encashment facility which will allow you to withdraw cash from a local high street bank. Charges may occur
  • Paying in Cheques

    We provide all customers with FREEPOST envelopes to deposit cheques, these cheques will be sent directly to our clearing centre preventing any delay in getting the funds into your account. To request additional envelopes Contact Us.

Making changes to your account

If you wish to change the address of your organisation all you need to do is send us a letter stating the new address and ensure the letter is signed in accordance with your mandate.

You may also need to add or remove a signatory, telephone user or internet banking user, you can do this by simply completing the relevant form.

Opening additional accounts
We understand that you may need to open additional accounts, if all the details and signatories are the same you can send a letter stating the name of the additional account and ensure the letter is signed in accordance with your mandate.

Alternatively, if the details are changing please complete a new account application form.

Closing your Unity account
You may need to close your Unity account, in order to do this you will need to send a letter signed in accordance with your mandate to us stating the name of the account you wish to close and details of where you would like the outstanding balances redirected to.

Fraud Awareness

We have put together a leaflet to assist you in putting in place the internal controls to assess, prevent and detect the risk of your organisation being affected by fraud.

Download the leaflet for more information – Fraud Awareness

Special Stationery

For customers who choose to produce your own, personalised stationery (paying-in books, cheque books etc.), we recommend that you ask your agency/printer which format they would prefer to use and then download the appropriate file from this dedicated page.