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new features of Unity's online banking services

Your new Online
Banking service

is here

Logging in to your Online Banking service

Your Online Banking service is a fast and easy way to bank online with Unity. Benefit from a range of useful features to help you manage your account including transaction searches and self-service access, and a simple and responsive navigation, designed specifically with our customers in mind.

That’s not all, you can use it on any device you choose, meaning access on the go wherever you are.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQs page

You asked, we listened

Click on the icons below to find out how Online Banking features can benefit your organisation.

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Navigation/look and feel

Find what you need more quickly and with fewer clicks!

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Managing your account

Making it simpler to manage your account online

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Providing a secure banking experience

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Additional features

Convenient tools make banking quicker and easier

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Accessible to all and compatible with screen-reading software

Take a look at the Online Banking service

Here you can browse the different sections of the service and see some of the available features.

Just hover your mouse over the pink dots on each screen.

online banking accounts screen

Simplified navigation

Your personal details and messages are grouped together and separated from banking features. You’ll see a notification when new messages are received.

Your details

Your personal details and messages are grouped together and separated from banking features. You’ll see a notification when new messages are received.
online banking account home screen

Account navigation bar

Use the account navigation to move between different areas of your account.

Search and filter transactions

Our search features are designed to make finding transactions quick and easy.

Selecting an account

When selecting an account, recent transactions are displayed instantly – which means you don’t have to search for them.

Transaction display

Transactions are grouped by date showing the end of day balance. Payments in and out are in separate columns to aid readability.
online payments portal

Payments Hub

Our ‘Payments Hub’ allows you to make and manage different types of payments easily from one place.
online banking payment transfer

Making payments from one place

You can create single payments, internal transfers and standing orders from one place rather than navigating back and forth through the system.

Switch payment frequency easily

Need this to be a regular payment? Simply switch a single payment to be a Standing Order.
online banking authorisation

Authorisation history

Access information when authorising transactions, including the full authorisation history.

Authorising transactions

You can authorise rejected and approved transactions from just one screen.
banking beneficiaries

Locating a beneficiary

Filtering results as you type makes searching and locating a beneficiary quick and easy.

A-Z of beneficiaries

Navigate to beneficiaries using the alphabet navigation feature.

Removing beneficiaries

Remove beneficiaries directly from the beneficiary list screen.

View and amending beneficiaries

Simply click on a beneficiary to view, update details and access payment history.
online banking account management

Update your organisation’s details

Use our online form to update your business details.

Access useful forms

You can access useful forms for daily tasks from within Online Banking.
online banking help and support

Quick access to support

The help and support section provides answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions.
online banking details

Update your online access details

Change your Online Banking access details here, including your email address, Personal Identification Number and password.
secure online bank messages

Simple secure messaging

View all secure messages from one place.

Straightforward layouts

See all messages related to a single subject in one screen, ordered in a timeline.

With you every step of the way

We’re keen to support you as much as we can in understanding and using the Online Banking service.
Here you can access a range of tutorials which take you step by step through some of the everyday banking processes.

business people looking at online banking portal

Anything else we can help you with?

Got a question?

We’ve compiled some FAQs to answer the most common questions about our
Online Banking service and how it works.