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Unity Trust Bank launches decarbonisation initiative to help tackle climate change

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Unity Trust Bank launches decarbonisation initiative to help tackle climate change

Published: November 8, 2023


The importance of tackling climate change and decarbonising all sectors of the economy has never been greater.

With a government target for the UK to reach net zero by 2050, housing associations play a key role in achieving this ambition.

They manage over 2.7million homes for 6million people in England alone. The wider housing sector accounts for nearly one fifth of UK carbon emissions.

Unity is a socially motivated bank that supports organisations that improve the lives of local communities. So, the bank launched a £25m lending initiative to help housing associations retrofit their properties and contribute to the UK’s transition to a greener future.

What was the outcome of the project?

So far, 1,200 homes have benefitted from Unity’s Housing Association Decarbonisation Initiative (HADI).

The ringfenced finance provides up to £3m per customer to support investment in a range of retrofitting activities. These will reduce the carbon footprint of existing housing and improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Why did Unity decide to do this?

As a social impact bank, Unity believes that finance has an important role to play in achieving a greener future. Our work is positively contributing to the UK’s equitable transition to a net zero economy.

Housing associations provide a vital solution to ensuring all people have access to quality, supportive and affordable housing in the UK. Unity has worked closely with housing associations for decades. So, we recognised that ensuring financing solutions for retrofitting was critical to ensure housing associations continue to provide their housing solutions.

By consistently acting in line with our values and working with socially minded organisations across the UK to address social, economic and environmental needs, we are committed to helping create a better society for everyone.


Joshua Meek is the Head of Impact & Sustainability at Unity. He said: “Unity recognises the critical importance that energy efficient housing plays in the global climate crisis and in ensuring all people in our communities have a home.

“By establishing the Housing Association Decarbonisation Initiative (HADI), we have been able to support the delivery of energy efficiency measures within the UK’s social housing stock. This will also help families struggling during the current cost of living crisis.

“Our commitment to supporting housing associations through effective refinance retrofitting activities is helping to reduce their carbon footprint. It also provides better quality living for people in social housing.”