Corporate ALTO MasterCard prepaid card

Alto corporate card imageWelcome to the ALTO MasterCard® prepaid card from Unity Trust Bank.

All you need to know


Administering your cards

Ideal as a replacement for petty cash, the ALTO card has a number of other advantages over handling cash:

  • Convenience – it enables your organisation to carry out day-to-day activities without the need of having to manage a petty cash or encashment facility. Web and phone bookings can be made easily and securely.
  • Expense management – it can reduce back office administration by tracking expenses through detailed transactional spend, available online.
  • Security – the ALTO card is a safe alternative to cash – it can be stopped if lost or stolen.
  • Money management – as this is a prepaid card, not a credit card, the cardholder can only spend up to the amount of the balance you have loaded onto the card and you control how much each employee has loaded onto their individual card.

On these pages you will find everything that you need to enable you to apply for one or more ALTO cards for your employees. From here you can download:

  • application forms to allow your organisation to issue the ALTO card to your employees
  • application forms for your employees to complete
  • terms and conditions
  • a summary box outlining the fees and charges applying to the card
  • a set of frequently asked questions for your organisation

Whilst there are unavoidable costs involved in issuing and managing any type of card, we have sought to ensure that our pricing is amongst the most competitive of any prepaid card currently available. That is why the card has:

  • no monthly fee
  • no annual fee - it's valid for 36 months
  • a low top-up fee

What do existing users say?

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