Treating customers fairly

How we aim to treat our customers fairly

Treating customers fairly is central to our socially responsible mission, and our belief that customers should be treated with honesty and openness. Treating customers fairly means listening carefully to our customers, understanding their needs, and developing and providing products and services that meet those needs. It means not taking advantage of them by selling them something they don't need, simply because we feel able to.

Fair treatment means being helpful to our customers, doing what we say we are going to do when we say we're going to do it, and honouring our commitments at all times. It means ensuring our people are able to make decisions with the interests of the customer at heart, and have the opportunity to challenge the 'rules' if they appear manifestly unfair to the customer. Treating customers fairly is about treating our customers as we would want to be treated as individuals.

However, fairness does not mean always being the cheapest or the best, nor does it mean always giving customers what they want. It doesn't mean treating customers all the same, catering for the lowest common denominator or taking away the customers' responsibility to make their own financial decisions. Fairness must be a balance between what is in the interests of the individual customer and of Unity Trust as a whole.