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Social Enterprise information sheet
Few decisions are more important to the smooth and efficient running of your social enterprise than choosing the right bank. This is even more true in these uncertain times, when you'll want to know that your finances are with a bank that understands the needs of social enterprises. That bank is Unity Trust Bank, the socially focused, customer centred and award winning bank.

We understand that social enterprises need to have secure ways of making payments online which are then authorised by two  or more people. This is why we have developed our Internet Banking Service to ensure that you have this flexibility and security.

This approach follows through to the rest of our products, which are designed to meet your banking needs - from day-to-day banking, deposits, loans and money payment services. You can even use your local Post Office to pay in any cash or cheques.

Because we specialist in banking social enterprises like yours, you'll have access to a full range of services which are tailored to suit your requirements from current and savings accounts to credit and prepaid debit cards, asset finance, insurance and social mortgages.

Our products are designed to meet the rest of inclusiveness, relevance, fairness and transparency. This is a model that delights our customers - over 70% of new business comes to us by way of recommendation, showing the high degree of trust and satisfaction with our service.

Why social enterprises choose Unity

  • We understand your needs and have the systems to meet them
  • Tailored, flexible banking
  • Convenient banking - when and where you need it
  • One-stop shop for all your financial needs
  • Value for money
  • Respected within the sector
  • Socially responsible
  • Highly recommended
  • Your finances are safe and secure
  • Honest, straightforward and trusted bank
  • And, because we use electronic searches, you probably won't need to supply documentary evidence, so opening your account and changing signatories is quick and easy


For more information simply:

When it was established in the nineteen eighties, Unity Trust was set-up to be a bank which would “... be identified with, and embracing the philosophy of the common good.”

As a result, we want to be the bank of choice for charities, voluntary groups, councils, organisations and social businesses and others which share these values, and create or invest in developing social as well as financial value – the so-called ‘double-bottom line’. If you identify with these values, we’d love to hear from you, and give us the opportunity to tell you how our banking services can benefit you and your organisation. 


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