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Travel Money Cards are a new way for you to buy foreign currency and take it abroad. They offer better exchange rates and lower charges than taking cash, or using a bank or credit card; and they are easier to use than travellers cheques.

For cardholders, my Travel Cash brings together the wide acceptance of MasterCard with some of the lowest charges and exchange rates available, to deliver one of the most attractive offerings in the UK travel market.

How does it work?

  • Cards are available in US Dollars and Euros.
  • Apply online at
  • Load your card using a debit or credit card.  Or transfer funds direct from your bank account.
  • The card will be personalised and delivered to you within seven working days.
  • You can activate the card by phone and get your PIN at the same time.
  • The card can be used in shops or to withdraw cash from ATMs.
  • You can check your balance on-line or by phone or SMS.
  • Add more funds as required.

Cardholder benefits

In comparison with alternatives, my Travel Cash offers a number of benefits:

Good value Easy to use Safe

Very good exchange rates

0% commission

Free to load direct from your bank

Free card and delivery

Redeem or retain balance

Quote and buy online

Home delivery

MasterCard accepted globally

Web/phone/SMS account access

Easy to load more funds

Manage your travel budget

24/7 Lost and stolen service

Emergency replacement card

Chip and PIN security

Fraud monitoring and prevention

Protect your main bank account


For full terms and charges associated with my Travel Cash please visit Alternatively, call us on 0345 155 3355 or email us for more information.

Ready to apply?

To apply for your card please click here.