Other services

As well as the complete range of traditional banking services, we provide a range of additional services which help you to manage your account more easily.

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Electronic banking

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    Internet banking allows you to stay in control of your finances. By having instant access to your accounts, you can manage your cash flow, amend and stop Standing Orders and Direct Debits, make payments and stop cheques.
  • Unity e-Payment: Online Bacs payment service
    With no forms to complete and no postage to pay, the Unity e-Payment service provides a range of time-saving, cost-effective Bacs options.
  • Online Statements
    Online statements offer you a secure, convenient and easy way to access statements.

Payment cards and services

  • Learn more about the ALTO MasterCard® prepaid card from Unity Trust Bank - a simple, convenient way to manage your office expenses and petty cash.
  • Travel Money cards are a new way to buy currency and take it abroad. They offer better exchange rates and lower charges than taking cash, or using a bank or credit card; and they are easier to use than travellers cheques.
  • Would you like to accept card payments face to face, online, by phone or mail order, quickly and securely?

Foreign services

You can transfer funds and receive payments, from overseas or in foreign currencies, using our Foreign services.

Managing your cash flow

We know that some of our customers have successfully grown their organisations, by spreading the cost of their business critical assets, with the help of additional funding. That's why we've teamed up with Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Limited to offer a wide range of options for funding all manner of new and used assets - from plant and equipment to vehicles. There are various methods of finance which they can offer you including Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease and contract hire.

Customer benefits

  • At Unity, we recognise that in these difficult times many charities find that allocating funds to acquire the latest technology is often a challenge. That's why we've joined forces with Charity Technology Exchange (CTX) to enable eligible charities and charitable housing associations to get donations of brand new software from household names such as Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco.
  • As the current recession bites deeper, many people working for charities, voluntary organisations and others providing vital services may encounter financial difficulties. That's why we at Unity have teamed up with a leading charity, Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS), to publicise a FREE debt advice and solutions service to your workforce, volunteers and beneficiaries.