Current accounts

Our current accounts are designed to make managing your day to day banking simple and straight forward.

With our current accounts you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant access to your organisation's funds
  • You can manage your account online, by phone or by post
  • Your calls will always be answered by a friendly member of our UK-based customer service team

Social enterprises Civil societyTrade unions Membership organisations Credit unions Community interest companies Local councils

Select Account

Annual income of up to £500,000

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Custom Account

Annual income of over £500,000 excluding Trade Unions

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Tailored Current Account

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Small Organisation Custom Account

Annual income of up to £50,000

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Group Account

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NOTE: As we have a social goal supported by strong beliefs aruond social inclusion and acceptance, it is important to us that our customers share similar visions. All customers must:

  • be inclusive of all regardless of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation
  • respect and value human rights
  • be accepting and respectful of other peoples views and opinions and not use these to disadvantage or intimidate them
  • suppor the formal organisation of labour within the workplace
  • not directly support the manufacture of arms/explosives through your business actvitiy
  • be based in the UK

All organisations have different banking needs and we offer a range of accounts to suit you. Call us on 0345 140 1000 or speak to your Relationship Manager to discuss how we can help.

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On and Off sale products

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Service Tariffs


For charges on encashment facilities

The below table is an approximate guide of the likely charges your chosen bank may pass onto you for using their service. 


Approximate maximum charge per £100

Approximate minimum charge per £100

Cash paid in



Cash withdrawn




Approximate maximum charge per cheque

Approximate minimum charge per cheque

Credits paid In

£1.38 *

£1.03 *

Additional cheques paid in




*This is based on one cheque being paid in alongside one credit. There will be further charges based on the number of cheques paid in. Charges do vary between banks. The above table is an approximate guide only. 

Request current account information

Please complete this simple form to request information about our current accounts. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to speak to someone, please call us on 0345 140 1000. Please note we only provide banking services for the social economy and trade unions, we are unable to provide banking to individuals or commercial businesses.
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Our dedicated New Accounts Team will make sure that opening your account with Unity is as simple and straight forward as possible.

There are just three steps to open your bank account with Unity:

Step one

To find out about opening an account with Unity please contact our Central Relationship Team on 0345 155 3355 or email

Our Central Relationship Team will be able to answer any initial questions you may have and send you an account application form for you to complete and return. 

Step two

Once you have received the application form, ensure that all appropriate sections have been signed by the correct people. 

Please ensure that you include all relevant governing documents, as outlined in the 'Your Supporting Documentation' section within the application form.

If you're opening a Select Account, remember to enclose a cheque (made payable to the full name of your organisation) for a minimum of £10 in respect of your initial deposit.

The documents below set out our terms and conditions and provide background information to the account opening process, as well as setting out our fees and charges.

Terms and conditions

Select Account terms and conditions

ALTO Corporate Card - Terms and Conditions

ALTO Corporate Card - Fees and Charges

Information on proving your identity

Customer information and how we use it

Service Tariffs

Internet Banking for your organisation

All About Unity

Encashment Facility form

Post Office form

Step three

Finally, send the form and complete set of information to:

Freepost - BM 513
Unity Trust Bank Plc
Nine Brindleyplace
B1 2BR


What happens next

  • As long as you have completed all relevant sections of the application form and enclosed the appropriate governing documents to confirm your organisation's legal status (as outlined in the 'Your Supporting Documentation' section within the application form), we will set up your account and confirm this in writing by sending you a Welcome Pack.
  • After receipt of your application, we may contact to ask you for further clarification on the information that you have supplied on the form. We may also ask you to supply further, detailed information, especially about your finances and how you will be funded. If you have any questions before submitting the form, please ask your Relationship Manager or call one of the Customer Services team on 0345 140 1000. 
  • We will contact you within two working days to confirm that you have received your Welcome Pack, at which point we will activate your account and order your account stationery (e.g. paying in book and cheque book, if applicable). We will also set up your Internet Banking facility, if you completed the Internet Banking section on your application form.
  • If you have decided to transfer your account(s) from another bank, and have completed the Account Transfer Request (page 19 of the application form), we will request from your previous bankers any existing Direct Debit and Standing Orders to be transferred to your new account. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that this happens efficiently and smoothly, we are in the hands of your existing bankers.
  • We will contact you with the list of all of your Direct Debits and Standing Orders to confirm which of these should be transferred to your new Unity account. Upon receipt of your authority we will advise the beneficiaries of your new account details.

If you require further information about Unity's products and services please call our customer services team on 0345 140 1000, email

If you're responsible for your organisation's finances, you'll want to know that your money is with a bank that understands you, and the sector in which you operate.

You'll want to know that you'll be dealing with an experienced and award-winning UK-based team, dedicated to providing straight-forward, personal and friendly service - welcome to Unity Trust Bank!

Best Bank for Customer Service

Each year, Charity Finance magazine undertakes a survey of banking services. We are proud to have topped the Customer Service Satisfaction ratings in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. This survey, which featured responses from nearly 250 charities in 2011, showed that our customer service satisfaction rating is ahead of all other mainstream banks.

And because we want to ensure that you continue to receive the best service we can offer, we engage a third party agency, called 121, to make calls to a random sample of our customers each month to identify what they think we do well and highlight whether there are areas where we can improve. All of this feedback is reviewed and, where we can make our service better, we take steps to do so.

How to get more from your bank

All About Unity
Every year, the majority of our new business comes by customer recommendation. To see why our customers have chosen to make the move to Unity and learn about how banking with us could make a big difference to you and your organisation click here.

Opening an account couldn't be easier

We're here to make opening a new account or switching an existing account to us easy. We understand your needs and have a team dedicated to taking the hassle out of the process - typically, with all the paperwork in place we can have your account open and active within ten days of receiving your completed application. If there's anything else you need to know, simply call your local Relationship Manager or a member of our Customer Service team on 0345 140 1000.  They'll be happy to help.