Faster payments

An update on the changes to Bill Payments and Standing OrdersWe have introduced improvements to speed up the process of receiving and making Bill Payments and standing orders. Take a look at the information below to see how the changes affect you.

Receiving payments

As part of our process of continuous improvement, funds credited to your account via Bill Payments and standing orders will now reach your account more quickly, using Faster Payments.

We now process payments every hour between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, therefore your account balance could change throughout the day. To keep track of these changes, and to allow you to manage your account effectively, all payments received into your account via Faster Payments will be time-stamped so that you can see when the payment was processed. You can view the time-stamped transactions within Internet Banking on the 'Transaction View' page or by downloading your transactions.

These improvements affect any Bill Payment or standing order that is made to your Unity account via the Faster Payments method before 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: As of 1 January 2012, the three-day Bacs service for receiving Bill Payments or standing orders from other banks is no longer available.  

For more information about receiving payments see our FAQs.

Making payments

We have also increased the speed in which your Bill payments will be made from your account, this is part of our continuous improvements to Internet Banking

Previously, all authorised Bill Payments made from your account were sent at 3:30pm each working day, with the new improvements we will be sending three files spread throughout each working day meaning that the sooner you make and authorise a payment the sooner it will be sent to the recipient. These files will be sent at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm - in order for payments to be sent on these files they should be authorised at least 30 minutes before the file is sent. 

Any payment instructions received after 3pm or on a non-working day will be held overnight and processed the next available working day.

All payments will be subject to sufficient cleared funds being available in your account and on the successful completion of our internal Anti-Money Laundering and fraud checks. 

Once a payment has debited your account, the maximum time it will take for the funds to reach the recipient’s bank will be the end of the next working day.

These improvements apply to Bill Payments only^.  They do not affect Foreign Transfers, Direct Debits or BACS payments.

These changes are part of our programme of continuous improvement and allow you to move funds in and out of your account much quicker and easier, giving you greater control of your finances.

There is no change to the charges you currently pay; any payment you make will continue to be charged in line with your current account tariff.

If you need to send a payment over £100,000, or for a payment to reach the beneficiary that same day it can be sent via our CHAPS payment service.  See our Standard Service Tariff leaflet for details of the charges. 

We will keep you informed of the improvements being made to the service. 

Please note: As of 1 January 2012, the three-day Bacs service for making Bill Payments or standing orders is no longer available.  

For more information about making payments see our FAQs.

^ The maximum amount you can send via our Bill Payments service is £100,000, per beneficiary per day.  The beneficiary account must be set up to allow faster payments for payment instructions to be accepted.

Terms and Conditions

We have amended our Terms and Conditions and these will be sent to all customers in our annual mailing.

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There is no better time to sign up and take advantage of the improvements to the speed in which you can receive and make payments. For more information on how to register for Internet Banking call our banking operations team on 0345 140 1000 or download an application form today.